KK How

KK How is the business partner of the APG and an experienced investment consultant. Before moving to Australia, KK lived in Malaysia for years and was full of selling experience. With experience, KK is especially good at finding investment opportunities by investigation of complicated data. He is able to provide the most suited and accurate […]

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Cooper Wang

Cooper Wang is a senior sales manager and business partner in APG Real Estate. He has been in Australia many years with seven years IT experiences.  He always focus on details and provide outstanding customer services. Besides the knowledge of property investment, he is also proficient in company skill and IT field. He always think […]

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James Ying

Our core lies in the team, the team consciousness is personal consciousness. - Our team's success comes from the efforts of everyone, progress from the team members of the mutual education. - We share work experience so that other members of the team avoid making the same mistakes. - we carry forward their own expertise, […]

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Tiffany Yi

My name is Tiffany and I am running for the office of Secretary. I have graduated from Central Queensland University. I am dynamic, highly motivated and able to manage both time and resources to maximise productivity. I enjoy working together as part of a team, sharing my knowledge and working together towards a solution. I […]

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