APG RealEstate is located in the city of sydney that helps you find dream home and fiancial free in property investment.APG does not stop service until your property sold in the market as we promised that we will help you rent out,resale and also redesign until your property sold.

APG is focused on the Asian market connecting with Asia and global market.We have strong confidence to solve your rent,resale and investment issues because of our strong marketing team and different strategies in Australia market.

In our mind, income – expense = profit. It is so important to make higher income and the same important as income is expense. We set up our own business in the same vision as we mentioned so we know how important for our partners and clients to cut your deficit within your properties choice .our strategy is: Do not share things with the others which yourself do not want.

Our most important idea is honest and serve our customer as our friends. We are trying to support different persons achieving there different goal in buying.
Firstly,We are professional and have a long-term experience in the realestate to get competitive property for our business friends.

Secondly, according to yourself demand, we build up the strategy to meet your need. It is too difficult to let developers help you as we do.
Thirdly,our service includes checking contract by lawyer, finance solution in different bank, and final property settle inspection.
Fourthly, we focus on:Honesty,Passion, knowledge, confidence serviece not only your business partner also your friends.
Fifthly, we will keep supporting you after your property settlement when you meet new issues in the property.

Advanced Pioneer Group




1300 880 801

1300 880 801